A Brand-New Spark: New Vision. New Values. New Process.

Spark Ideas, Innovation, and Creative Solutions
through design.

At the heart of our new process and approach we strive to deliver three core principles:

Iconic Ideas

We value discovery and data-influenced practices to achieve unprecedented development.

Architectural Innovation​

Our team engages in a robust discovery strategy that addresses programmatic needs, improves function, and ultimately tests the boundaries that advance industry.

Creative Solutions

Our collaboration across market sectors establishes a blended approach that brings convergence and fluid connections to authentic placemaking.


Internationally Renowned Architecture And Design Firm Portman Architects
Announces A New Vision And Values Statement

New vision and values, office space, and website assert our commitment to meeting client needs.

Portman Architects, an iconic and internationally renowned architecture and design firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, announces a new Vision and Values statement, which will guide the continued development of the organizational culture and vision for the firm’s growth. Deeply ingrained in the company are its principles to Spark ideas, innovation, and creative solutions through design, which continues to guide the firm’s core processes. The 69-year-old firm has evolved into a design collaborative curating experience that engages and inspires, enriches the community, and sustains future growth. The new vision reflects the firm’s commitment to listening and profoundly understanding its client’s businesses, solving the complex design challenges of the 21st century, and delivering world-class results at any scale.

“In our industry Portman Architects has a reputation for innovative design and creating some of the world’s most memorable places,” said Rob Halverson, President and CEO of Portman Architects. “We have evolved our incredible pool of talent and design voices, and I am looking forward to leveraging that expertise to help our clients not only create unique typologies and memorable experiences but unlock value in every square foot of design.”

“At Portman Architects, our extensive expertise and experiences helps us understand what is achievable – from initial design to long-term operation which helps us to solve complex problems. This broad knowledge base helps provide added value and peace of mind to our clients, so we wanted a vision and office space that reflects our promise to our clients,” said Halverson. While the firm still has a focus on international business, the vision and office space communicate the creative collaboration and approachability of the firm and its people. The new space is built to reflect our robust discovery strategy that tests and advances the industry to meet the ever-evolving needs of the firm, its clients, and the communities it serves for years to come.”

Portman Architects’ clients and audience have changed and the problems they need solved are more complex, therefore a process that is collaborative, exploratory, and dependable is crucial. What’s next? With this regenerative adaptation comes refreshed branding, a new website and new office space that amplify our core values, design process, and evolving practice.

The firm is committed to delivering creative solutions for complex projects, large and small, built around extraordinary ideas and innovation. Major project milestones and openings in 2022 include working with Portman Holdings on the Hyatt Regency in Salt Lake City and The Junction at Krog District which is a creative office space on the Atlanta beltline, Majestic Realty Company on the Atlanta Airport Hotel at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, South Tower Peachtree Center Adaptive Reuse with Banyan Street Capital and a large Regional Headquarter in Hunan Province, China with a confidential high-tech client.


Our revamped website offers an introduction to the ideas and stories that shape Portman Architects. Discover our process and learn more about our team, portfolio, news, and perspectives.


Our new office space fosters the continued growth of the firm to deliver solutions for complex projects, large and small, built around extraordinary ideas and innovation. The design hub allows architects, designers, and team members to gather and engage in creative dialogues and release the potential for collaboration with our clients.

Visual Identity

Our updated logo depicts a more balanced, equalized, and impactful approach with our clients while honoring legacy graphic elements, such as the spark retained from John Portman’s signature stamp. This spark visually represents our team’s regenerative adaptation. Symbolically, it pays tribute to the firm’s founder to reflect harmony, growth, and exploration in our design process.

Core Values

Four fundamental values drive our vision, process, and culture. We believe in utilizing active listening, observation, purpose, and sensorial stimulation in telling our stories.