Hong Wan

Principal, Sr Vice President Director of China Operations

Hong oversees the operations of Portman Architect’s International Team from Atlanta Main Office. Day to day, she oversees the design and production of all ongoing China projects, maintains close relationship with clients, consultants and LDIs, manage and monitor the financial performance of China projects. In recent years, she has also taken the responsibility to work with firm’s China Business Development team, to expand Portman architect’s service to a broader building design market. Hong has broad experience in both China and the U.S. She started her practice In Beijing, China after graduated from Tsing Hua university. Later, she went to US to get her graduate study. Moving to Atlanta, working and living in the 13 blocks of the Peachtree Centre, she was immersed in the art and architecture of these living museums created by Mr. John Portman.

Joining Portman in 2005, from the very start of her career with Portman Architects, she demonstrated impressive skills in following large-scale U.S. urban projects from programming through the construction administration phase. To date, she has completed large -scale mixed use, hotel, CCRC, and Retail projects in many cities of China and became a technical expert in these building types. In the last few years, she had also led firm’s Supertall Tower design teams and developed expertise in the design of the Tall and Supertall Towers. She has since been actively involved in organizing the activities for CTBUH Atlanta chapter.

Growing up in China, receiving education in both China and abroad. Hong is an effective communicator. With a good understanding of the culture of the East and the West, she was able to successfully carry out some of the most challenging and remarkable China projects in the last 10 years. She looks forward to designing more Portman buildings in China so people can live and feel that unique and memorable experience that she has at Peachtree Center.

In her leisure time she can often be found being a caddy for her daughter’s junior golf tournaments in the South East and she also often spends her free time cheering on her son during his sports activities.