Groundbreaking held for Guangxi Financial Investment Center

John Portman & Associates is pleased to announce the beginning of construction for an elegant new mixed use tower in Nanning, China. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on February 22nd. Once completed, the Guangxi Financial Investment Center will be the tallest tower in the region, reaching 1,312 ft (400 m).

Located in Nanning, the capital city of the Guangxi province, the Guangxi Financial Investment Center sits along Minzu Boulevard, the primary east-west corridor into the CBD. Its unique form begins with a square base that widens out to an octagon in the middle, before elegantly tapering back into a square plan at the top.

Envisioned as a finance/trade center, the tower will be home to various banks and financial consultants. The upper portion of the tower holds a 5-star atrium hotel. Floors immediately above the hotel provide an exclusive executive club and destination restaurant. The level below the hotel lobby contains the hotel’s fitness center, pool, restaurant, business center and other hotel amenities.