John Portman & Associates Model Maker Wins Gold at Wonderfest

Amazing model making contest has become the largest in the world for hobbyists.

Scott Washington has been working in the model shop at John Portman & Associates since 2008. In that time, he has built architectural models for our projects worldwide. It was a project from out of this world that caught the attention of the judges at WonderFest, billed as the ultimate showcase for modeling excellence. Scott’s hand-sculpted model of the alien ship from the 2012 Ridley Scott movie “Prometheus” took Gold in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category.

Scott first started building models at the age of eight. He recalls, “I was inspired by the older boys in my neighborhood, and by the airing of “Star Trek” on TV. The models used in the TV series were very clean with limited detail, but they fueled the passion in an 8-year-old kid from New Jersey.”

This is his fifth entry in the WonderFest contest, held each spring in Louisville, KY. He has also competed (and won prizes) in the International Plastic Modelers Society (I.P.M.S.) in Georgia, New Jersey, New York City, and Florida. His fine work has not escaped notice. He has already been approached by two different companies that would like to sell kits made from his model to other hobbyists. Even with all the attention, Scott says he’s not going to give up his “day job” – something all of us at John Portman & Associates are very pleased to hear!