Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center Receives Conservation and Native Landscaping Award

ATLANTA (January 23, 2011) — John Portman & Associates is pleased to congratulate The Village of Schaumburg on receiving the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Chicago Wilderness’ 2010 Conservation and Native Landscaping Award for the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center Project today in a ceremony held at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Chicago offices.

The Conservation and Native Landscaping Awards recognize exceptional projects that incorporate native landscaping, ecosystem restoration, and protection and/or conservation design. The Environmental Protection Agency and Chicago Wilderness support the use of native landscaping and conservation development because they produce numerous environmental benefits including: increasing biodiversity and creating habitat for a variety of species. Through the awards program, these organizations hope to raise awareness about native landscaping and encourage others to adopt sustainable practices.

This project incorporates 7.5 acres of ponds, wetlands, and prairie plantings. The native plantings help trap pollutants, clean storm water and reduce runoff. In designing the project, the amount of turf grass and ornamental plantings was purposefully limited. As the native plantings have taken hold and established themselves, the use of herbicides has been cut approximately in half and the maintenance hours reduced by one third. Water use has also been minimized; used only in the limited turf grass and annual flower areas. Walkways, including bridges and overlooks encircle the site’s natural areas to allow visitors and guests the ability to experience nature up-close.

John Portman & Associates designed the project in collaboration with landscape architects, Ives/Ryan Group, and Todd Wenger, Landscape Planner for the Village of Schaumburg.