Gordon Beckman

Principal, Sr Vice President Director of Design

Gordon has built a distinguished career, working nationally and internationally on a broad range of building types including commercial, civic, transportation and mixed use developments since 1973. He’s always been deeply interested in the interdisciplinary connections that structure, technology, environmental concerns and transparency play in next-generation architectural thought – and it’s these values and ideas that continue to influence his work here.

Prior to joining Portman in 2007, Gordon worked at Murphy/Jahn for 23 years as a Senior Vice President/Principal Architect, leading some of the firm’s most recognized projects. This included worldwide projects such as Charlemagne in Brussels, Belgium, the Serono Corporate Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Bishopgate Town in London, England and HALO Corporate Headquarters in Niles, Illinois. In addition to his career at Murphy/Jahn, Gordon’s worked at the firms Kahler Slater Engberg in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Larson and Darby in Rockford, Illinois.

Gordon’s wide-ranging experience also extends to academia, having taught for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and the Illinois Institute of Technology. He’s also played a prominent role in numerous design reviews and juries at several universities.