Gregory Botsch

Principal Emeritus

Greg has made a name for himself as an exceptional project architect. Practicing since 1983 after graduating with a Master of Architecture from Virginia Tech, he joined Portman 2 years later and his work since has distinguished himself as one of our leading architects.

Greg’s meticulous attention to detail has shone through his project management, having successfully completed numerous projects from design through to construction. Thanks to his background and experience he’s gained a comprehensive understanding of all the elements needed for a smooth-flowing project, all the while maintaining the schedule and budget. During his career his professional demeanor has also earned him a great deal of respect from the team, consultants, contractors and most importantly, our clients.

In 2002 Greg became Vice President in charge of production for the office. Day to day he’s involved in product development and delivery, quality control, staffing and operations. So far he’s built up an impressive portfolio of projects, including the Beijing YinTai Centre, New Asia Center, Zhong Xing City, Guomai Office Building and SunTrust Plaza in Peachtree Center, with many more in the pipeline.