World Cup Fever Rises to New Heights

Check out Tomorrow Square in Shanghai getting into the spirit!

The tallest hotel in the Puxi district, the tower elegantly rises to a distinctive pinnacle that can be seen throughout the city. When John Portman & Associates (PORTMAN) designed the termination of the tower, the intent was to depict the meaning behind the name “Tomorrow Square.” At the top, the building’s façade continues skyward with the four individual sides angled towards one another but never touching, so as not to indicate finality, but rather a continuum of their inherent relationship, forever looking forward to the future. The building’s four “fingers” hold a silver pearl in homage to Shanghai’s place as the “Pearl of the Orient.” But now, in deference to the World Cup currently underway in Brazil, the “pearl” has been transformed into a futbol (AKA: football, soccer ball, etc). Play on!