Newly opened Portman offices receive gold LEED certification as a commercial interiors project

ATLANTA, GA (May, 2009) John Portman & Associates, Inc. (PORTMAN) takes their commitment to sustainable design practices quite seriously. Their dedication was rewarded when their new Atlanta headquarters received Gold LEED certification.

Vice President, Greg Botsch, who served as Project Manager for the design team, explains some of the key elements of the project, “Features of note include bicycle storage and a shower/changing room to accommodate employees using alternative transportation measures; water efficiency achieved through the specification of low-flow fixtures; and the use of low-emitting materials such as specific adhesives, sealants, paints and carpets.” Remarkably, 98% of the construction waste (glass, metal, drywall, etc.) was diverted from landfills and 69% of the furnishings from the firms’ old offices were re-used in the new space.

The Gold LEED certification is a tribute to team collaboration. “From the owner to the contractors, everyone must be on board right from the start and do their part throughout all stages of the project to contribute to a responsible, sustainable design solution.”, Mr Botsch explains. “The success of this project is an example of what can be achieved when the team is diligent and remains focused on a common goal.”

Mr. Botsch went on to describe how “green” design practices are something innate in the PORTMAN process. “We’ve strived to include sustainable design elements, like green roofs and the use of natural light, into our designs for years – even before it became the thing to do.”