Portman Architects is revitalizing Union City

Union City, a Vision for the Future.

The firm is designing a destination that’s fit for the future, its residents and visitors.

Portman Architects are unveiling their plans to transform Union City, Georgia. Strategically located near Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (HJAIA), their vision is to grow the city into an aspirational destination to live, work, play and visit. Their significant re-planning will set the stage for re-designing major portions of the city. The plan was inspired by Mayor Vince Williams and input by a broad cross section of Union City representatives. The plan aims to position Union City to overcome challenges currently being faced.

Like many U.S. cities, Union City is affected by problems such as increased traffic congestion, health issues, environmental issues and social inequities. Portman Architects’ bold vision tackles these issues head on and proposes a planning perspective and direction which will allow the City to take that critical leap towards long-term environmental, financial and social sustainability. The master plan will help eliminate problems that affect people in the city every day, from accessibility to connected public transport.

Union City’s new master plan is focused on three distinct zones: to reclaim (Zone A), renew (Zone B) and reimagine (Zone C) this once vibrant community. Each zone puts people at its heart and will be connected by a continuous green space to form a large park for residents and visitors to enjoy. Accompanied by a pedestrian and bicycle path, this area will boost wellbeing and promote a healthy natural environment while connecting walkable safe communities.

Together, the three zones will revive and turn Union City into a thriving community complete with 24-entertainment, more retail, restaurants, educational institutions and innovative tech and tourism businesses.

Zone A focuses on reclaiming and reviving the natural landscape for outdoor recreation, health and fitness. By regreening the land, Portman Architects are unlocking the opportunity for a Union City Resort in the future by proposing to reclaim Dixie Lakes.

Zone B will form the dynamic heart of the community. By nourishing and renewing the city’s central core identity, this area will serve as a focal point for current and future generations. With a mix of higher density living, municipal structures and restaurants, this area will become the pulse of the city.

To address the long-term and continued future impact on the growth of Union City, Portman Architects planned Zone C. A vibrant commerce hub that’s compact, walkable and bustling with public spaces, it will reimagine the identity of the urban landscape. It will feature an impressive 75-foot green corridor on both sides of Morning Creek that extends into an expansive conservation park.

As an internationally renowned architectural design firm, Portman Architects pride themselves on creating progressive, productive and positive places that inspire people to live better. Together with the city’s representatives, the firm strives to create a truly united Union City that can be enjoyed for years to come.