Portman Architects Wins The International Design Competition For Sanya International Sports Industrial Park Lot 8 Architectural Concept Scheme

Portman Architects is pleased to announce that we recently won the International Design Competition held by Sanya GuoAo Sports Industrial Park Zone 3 Investment Co., Ltd. for the Architectural Concept Scheme Design of Sanya International Sports Industrial Park Lot 8 Project in the city of Sanya, China. This mixed-use project will curate a new regional destination – linking hotel, office, and retail space in local harmony with the neighboring stadiums and eco-park.

Portman Architects won the international design competition by creating a uniquely captivating design for Lot 8 in harmony with the surrounding stadiums, currently under construction for the incoming Asian Beach Game.

Reflective of both the coastal nature of Sanya and the innovative spirit of Hainan Island, the winning design concept for this international competition amplifies synergy – of scale, materiality, and programming. Architectural vision looks to capture the dynamic quality, texture, and fluidity found in nature to authentically convey the local history and culture celebrated at Sanya International Sports Industrial Park.

As a core part of the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park, Lot 8 complex is the linkage between the three stadiums and the surrounding eco-park, curated by 72000 sm of office, hotel, and shopping spaces. The location and placement of each building component strategically positions and orients based on use, value, brand identity, solar analysis, and the prevailing wind conditions.

The design approach architecturally captures the dynamic quality, texture, and sense of the fluid motion found in waterfalls, conveying both the character of the Sports Park and the Spirit of the Asian Beach Game.

A high-performance skin that wraps and protects the 120m tower, flowing and rippling from top to bottom to provide an elegant expression of performance. The main tower façade design celebrates movement, an ever-changing appeal driven by a sunshade, and significant solar reduction requirements with a full view of the stadiums and mountains.

With performance and beauty in mind, Portman Architects successfully came up with a design that reflects the coastal nature of Sanya, and the innovative and future thinking spirit of Hainan as the new national “Free Trade Zone.”

The complex will feature a standalone hotel with 14000sm above-grade area, an iconic main tower with 28800sm office and a second 14000sm hotel, and 14000 sm retail.

The single standalone hotel will be built for hosting the officials and the athletes during their stay at the Asian Beach Game. Natural and local materials used in this hotel bring Sanya flavors and coastal experience to the hotel guests.

A second hotel resides at the lower zone of the main tower. With a dual-brand hotel in proximity, guests will share many of the amenity spaces, offering hotel guests a more diverse stay experience.

This will be the 2nd dual-brand hotel design by Portman Architects following the successful BRIC phase I and II projects designed and opened in recent years in San Diego, California.

As one of the premiere hotel and mixed-use design firms globally, we bring expertise, innovation, and creative solutions to this project. We thrive on striking a good balance between aesthetic, efficiency, resiliency, and local style. We believe the next generation iconic mixed-use building design shall be robust, resilient, and efficient.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Sanya GuoAo Sports Industrial Park Zone 3 Investment Co. We look forward to collaborating on this critical project and creating another architectural jewel to build upon the Portman Architects 67 years legacy.

We will share more information about this project soon as the design of this project is underway.